Patient Experience

Florence T. experienced wearing hearing instruments before and was looking for a solution that could accommodate her better. Also, she often experienced difficulty hearing in most listening situations in noise. Florence was then fitted with custom in the canal hearing aids, it was difficult to adjust at first but with the guidance of Hearing Center of Hawaii staff, she noticed a positive difference. “It is just wonderful! I hear so good,” she explains. “I want to wear it all the time!”
Joyce O. was struggling with her over the ear hearing instruments as she was unable to hear her friends during her outings. “I barely was able to hear.” “I mostly nodded during conversations and was embarrassed that I could not hear.” Joyce was then fitted with specially designed custom in the canal hearing aids. “I’m ecstatic and filled with so much gratitude” she eagerly explains. “I went to see a movie at the local theaters. “This was the first time I could hear well with my new hearing aids.” “I feel normal again!”